Reducing Reoffending In Focus

reducing-reoffending-in-focus.pdf, 3.78Mb

This report demonstrates how PCCs are ending the revolving door of crime by ensuring those offenders who want to turn their lives around and stay out of prison get the help and support they need to do so.

Board purpose paper: Sport and Youth Crime

board-purpose-paper.pdf, 0.24Mb

The APCC has formed links with the Sport and Youth Crime Prevention Board to use the power of sport to prevent vulnerable young people from offending or re-offending. The background and purpose to the Board is outlined here.

Chair: Hardyal Dhindsa, PCC Derbyshire


Board purpose paper.pdf

board-purpose-paper.pdf, 0.24Mb

APCC Briefing - Mental Health & Covid19: Phase One Summary

apcc-briefing-phase-1-mh-c19-final.pdf, 0.24Mb

APCC Business Plan 2020-22

apcc_business_plan_2020-22.pdf, 2.76Mb

APCC Impact Report 2019/20

apcc-impact-report-v5.pdf, 9.85Mb

The APCC has launched its Impact Report 2019/20, which demonstrates the breadth of work and impact of the Association against its five business priorities.

APCC Road Safety and Enforcement Survey Results

apcc-road-safety-and-enforcement-survey-september-2020-results-pdf-f.pdf, 0.22Mb

Race Disparity IN FOCUS

race-disparity-in-focus.pdf, 7.30Mb

Violence Reduction Units In Focus

vrus-in-focus-final.pdf, 5.82Mb

PCCs Making A Difference: Alcohol and Drugs In Focus

alcohol-and-drugs-in-focus-v10-final.pdf, 2.41Mb

APCC response to HASC Inquiry on Police Complaints

apcc-response-final-hasc-inquiry-police-complaints.pdf, 0.17Mb

APCC response to IOPC Chief Officer Complaints and Accessibility

apcc-response-iopc-chief-officer-complaints-and-accessibility.pdf, 0.16Mb

APCC response to Home Office Guidance

apcc-response-final-ho-guidance.pdf, 0.13Mb

APCC response to Police and Crime Panel Guidance

apcc-response-final-police-and-crime-panel-guidance.pdf, 0.22Mb

APCC response to HMICIC Annual Assessment of Policing

apcc-response-final-hmicic-annual-assessment-of-policing.pdf, 0.19Mb

Use of Mobile Phones Whilst Driving - APCC Letter to Minister June 2020.pdf

use-of-mobile-phones-whilst-driving-apcc-letter-to-minister-june-2020.pdf, 0.16Mb

PCCs Making A Difference: Prevention In Focus

pccs-making-a-difference-prevention-in-focus.pdf, 2.25Mb

APCC Impact Report 2018/19

apcc-impact-report-v5-email-final.pdf, 6.31Mb

PCCs MAKING A DIFFERENCE - Putting Victims First

putting-victims-first-in-focus-pdf-final.pdf, 14.36Mb

PCCs Making A Difference: Serious Violence In Focus

pccs-making-a-difference-serious-violence-in-focus-final.pdf, 3.83Mb

APCC PRRB Submission 2019 FINAL.pdf

apcc-prrb-submission-2019-final.pdf, 0.17Mb


pccs-making-a-difference-vawg-in-focus.pdf, 2.47Mb

APCC Privacy Statement - Business related activities

apcc-privacy-statement-business-related-activities-102018.pdf, 0.17Mb

APCC Submission to the Police Remuneration Review Body January 2018

apcc-prrb-submission-1819.pdf, 0.41Mb

Policing, Health and Social Care consensus

policing-health-and-social-care-consensus-2018.pdf, 0.56Mb

Working together to protect and prevent harm to vulnerable people

Emergency Services Collaboration – National Overview Report 2016

emergency-service-collaboration-working-group-national-overview-2016.pdf, 3.61Mb

APCC Submission to the Senior Salaries Review Body December 2016

apcc-ssrb-submission-2017-final.pdf, 0.10Mb

APCC Police Remuneration Review Body submission 2017/18

apcc-prrb-submission-201718.pdf, 0.23Mb

A review of the governance of supra-force specialist policing capabilities - Police Foundation

governance_of_supra_force_specialist_policing_capabilities.pdf, 2.05Mb

Policing Vision 2025

62739_npcc_cw_policing-vision_v6.pdf, 0.34Mb

Street Drinking - Supporting Evidence

street-drinking-supporting-evidence-and-best-practice.pdf, 0.92Mb

Tackling Street Drinking - PCC Guidance on Best Practice

tackling-street-drinking-pcc-guidance-on-best-practice.pdf, 1.10Mb

APCC NPCC Joint Submission - Future Levels of funding for Police Services

joint-apcc-npcc-submission-to-the-efficiency-review-november-2016.pdf, 0.75Mb

APCC submission for the 2015 Comprehensive Spending Review

continuity-with-change-the-implications-of-csr15.pdf, 0.83Mb

Emergency Services Collaboration 2014 - the Current Picture

emergency-services-collaboration-2014.pdf, 3.16Mb

APCC review of legally qualified chairs and misconduct hearings

apcc_review_of_legally_qualified_chairs_and_misconduct_hearings_no_annexes.pdf, 0.10Mb

APCC review of legally qualified chairs and misconduct hearings (with annexes)

apcc_review_of_legally_qualified_chairs_and_misconduct_hearings_review_and_annexes-1.pdf, 0.88Mb

FCN: An Explainer

tf-fcn-explainer-for-apcc-final.pdf, 0.30Mb

The Forensics Capability Network was launched in April 2020 to deliver a permanent network of forces and partners implementing and managing forensics services and solutions. 

FCN: An Explainer - PowerPoint slides

tf-fcn-explainer-for-apcc-final.pptx, 1.48Mb

The Forensics Capability Network was launched in April 2020 to deliver a permanent network of forces and partners implementing and managing forensics services and solutions.


ethical-framework-mar-2014.pdf, 0.22Mb