Avon and Somerset

Mark Shelford
Police and Crime Commissioner for Avon & Somerset
01278 646188

Mark Shelford was elected as the Police and Crime Commissioner for Avon and Somerset in May 2021. 

Mark spent over 30 years as an Army Officer and served alongside police across the globe, gaining an understanding of their role and sharing the risks they faced. As a result, Mark has a good understanding of service life and the pressures those protecting communities and people face.

Following his military service, Mark became Deputy Leader of Bath and North East Somerset council and also sat on the Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Panel.

Mark hopes to bring the skills he developed and experience of working in diverse communities to Avon and Somerset to make the force area a safer place for all.

In his role as PCC, Mark will be focusing on delivering a more efficient and effective police service and ensuring his office and Avon and Somerset Police are reassuring, refocusing and rebuilding a safer community across the force area.


Avon and Somerset Police & Crime Plan 2021 to 2025