APCC welcomes the positive changes to the criminal records disclosure regime


The Ministry of Justice have announced positive changes to the criminal records disclosure regime.  The change significantly reduces the time people with criminal convictions are legally required to declare them to potential employers after serving their sentence and when applying for most courses, insurance, and housing.

APCC Criminal Justice Lead David Lloyd and Deputy Lead Emily Spurrell have welcomed the announcement:

“This is a welcome change to the current rules on when an individual must disclose their previous convictions.

“All too often, we see the life chances of offenders limited through restrictive controls arising because of their past behaviour. Removing those barriers is a vital step in supporting their rehabilitation and enabling individuals to return to the workplace and play a productive role in society. This is particularly crucial when it relates to those who received a caution, reprimand, or warning while a juvenile.

“Reducing the time a conviction remains live is an important way to enable an individual with such a background to contribute positively to their local community through work or as part of their community based sentence.



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