'Deeply concerning' report highlights fundamental areas for improvement


Statements from APCC Leads on the police super-complaint: forces response to police perpetrated domestic abuse report.

APCC Joint Victims Leads Donna Jones and Sophie Linden, said:

“It is deeply concerning that victims have been let down and, in some cases, further harmed by the police response.

“Whilst there has been progress in ensuring that victims are at the forefront of all investigations, it is alarming to learn that the same level of care and standards is not always being afforded to victims of police perpetrated domestic abuse.

“As Police and Crime Commissioners we play an integral role in ensuring victims have access to the support they need and in ensuring they are receiving their entitlements under the Victims Code of Practice.

“Getting this right for victims is paramount and it will take a collective response. As Police and Crime Commissioners we will ensure that forces have the effective and robust measures in place to support victims of police perpetrated domestic abuse, that risks are identified and that victims are at the forefront when implementing these recommendations.”


APCC Transparency and Accountability Deputy Lead, Alison Lowe, said:

“We are committed to ensuring that policing is transparent, accountable and commands the respect of the public, which is why this report is so important.

“The findings outlined highlight deeply concerning and fundamental areas for improvement, and it is vital these are addressed as a matter of urgency if we are to see systemic change in the way police respond and investigate police perpetrated domestic abuse reports.

“Police workforce members are entrusted with powers and responsibilities and ensuring they uphold high standards of behaviour is fundamental to public trust and confidence.  What is clear from the findings of this report is the need for police forces to respond particularly robustly and consistently considering the unique risks of having a police workforce member as a perpetrator.

“As Police and Crime Commissioners our priority and fundamental role is to ensure the public has the upmost confidence in policing and we will play a pivotal role in ensuring the series of recommendations laid out in this report are effectively implemented so that the public are getting the service they need and deserve.”


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