ICVA committed to ensuring ICV schemes are focused on equality and diversity


The APCC's Deputy Mental Health and Custody lead PCC Emily Spurrell has welcomed Just Visiting? - a report published today by the Independent Custody Visiting Association (ICVA) and the Criminal Justice Alliance on tackling race and gender inequalities in police custody.

She said: “Independent Custody Visitors (ICVs) are a crucial part of the PCC scrutiny role. They carry out random, unannounced visits to police custody suites to check on the welfare and wellbeing of detainees.

“I therefore welcome this report which demonstrates the Independent Custody Visiting Association’s ongoing commitment to ensuring ICV schemes across the country are focused on equality and diversity and recognise where disproportionality is having an impact.

“The publication of this report, and the recommendations it sets out, shows just how determined the ICVA is to challenge potential discrimination at every level of its work and to ensure scheme managers and ICVs are alive to any issues and prepared to challenge them.

“We should never rest on our laurels though and, as a PCC and Board member with ICVA, I am passionate about ensuring this action plan is embedded across all schemes and will be raising it with colleagues.”


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