Response to rape myths study


Joint Victims Leads Donna Jones and Sophie Linden have responded to new study on rape myths carried out by academics from three UK universities which raises concerns about 'rape myth acceptance' among those who investigate serious crimes. 

In a joint statement APCC Victims’ Leads Donna Jones and Sophie Linden said: “The findings of this study highlight fundamental concerns around how engrained beliefs and attitudes can impact the effectiveness of investigations into rape.

“The findings do give a glimpse into the impact engrained beliefs and attitudes can have on victims and the likeliness of a possible conviction.

Victims of rape show immense courage in reporting to the police, but far too often they are let down by the criminal justice system in its entirety. Rape myths must be addressed if we are to see victims get the justice they deserve and violent perpetrators behind bars.

“We hope Operation Soteria will continue to drive forward organisational change in the police’s response to rape, including challenging these attitudes where they exist. We will continue to hold Chief Constables to account for the quality of their investigations, ensuring victims are at the heart of all rape investigations and that any recommendations put forward are implemented in full.

“As Police and Crime Commissioners and Deputy Mayors we champion the needs of victims in our local communities and commission vital services to help victims recover and thrive. We look forward to the introduction of the Victims’ Bill which should put victims at the heart of criminal justice processes.

“We will continue the vital work we do in our communities alongside partners to challenge the views and engrained beliefs around sexual violence, champion victims’ rights and ensure our communities are a safe place for all.”


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