Improving Public Accountability

PCCs are locally elected and accountable to the public and have the responsibility for holding Chief Constables to account for local policing on behalf of their communities. The APCC supports PCCs to provide effective scrutiny of police performance, to increase transparency in policing and in the criminal justice system and to improve the response to police complaints.

Our priorities for improving public accountability are:

  • To further develop the accountability and transparency of the role of PCCs and enable greater openness and accountability on police ethics and complaints.
  • To support PCCs to hold their Chief Constables to account for performance, ensuring the public has a voice in policing and that police forces are accountable to the communities they serve.


Latest News

Chair responds to BBC investigation into Body Worn Video

APCC Chair responds to a BBC investigation which exposes misuse of body worn video.

HMICFRS report on police performance

APCC Joint Performance Lead Matthew Barber responds to HMICFRS report.

APCC response to HMICFRS State of Policing Report 2022

APCC Chair, Marc Jones, has responded to today's State of Policing Report

Progress review published into force vetting standards

Chair responds to HMICFRS progress review on implementation of 2022 recommendations.

Response to Baroness Casey report

APCC Chair Marc Jones responds to Baroness Casey report into the Metropolitan Police Service.

Blog: Chair reflects on the year that marked a decade of PCCs

Chair reflects on incredible work of PCCs in special blog ahead of Christmas and the new year.


Matthew Barber, APCC Lead for Performance

An update on the APCC Performance portfolio from Matthew Barber.

Alison Lowe, APCC Deputy Lead for Transparency & Accountability

Alison Lowe is the APCC Deputy Lead for Transparency & Accountability and Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime in West Yorkshire.

Matthew Barber, APCC Joint Lead for Performance

Matthew Barber, APCC Joint Lead for Performance & PCC for Thames Valley.



Leading our work on performance, including on national outcomes, crime statistics and force inspections.

Joint Lead: Matthew Barber, PCC Thames Valley

Joint Lead: Sophie Linden, Deputy Mayor of London

APCC Contact: Carolyn Graham, Head of Governance & Business. Email  

Transparency & Integrity

Leading our work on reform of police complaints, ethics and transparency and the Independent Office for Police Conduct.

Lead: Giles Orpen-Smellie, PCC for Norfolk

Deputy: Alison Lowe, Deputy Mayor for West Yorkshire

APCC Contact: Carolyn Graham, Head of Governance & Business. Email  

Resources and Publications

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apcc-response-final-police-and-crime-panel-guidance.pdf, 0.22Mb
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