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Policy Team

Marcus Roberts

Director of Policy and Strategy 

Tel: 07714399762

Marcus has overall responsibility for APPC’s policy and strategy work and manages our team of policy specialists. It is his responsibility to ensure that the APPC’s policy work is engaging with the key issues for policing and crime reduction, informed by the views and experiences of Police and Crime Commissioners and is influencing national decision-makers and shaping the national policy debate and agenda.  

Cat McIntyre

Head of Corporate Governance 

Tel: 07714 399754

Cat is responsible for the co-ordination, management and oversight of corporate governance arrangements across the APCC. This includes supporting the APCC Board and CEO in the delivery of corporate functions, analysis of corporate performance data, management of business planning processes, management and co-ordination of General Meetings, AGM and Board Meetings, and oversight of development of the Knowledge Hub. She is also responsible for financial oversight and reporting (supported by professional advisers), as well as retaining policy roles in leading on the Integrity/Transparency portfolio and the Performance portfolio areas of work.

Alex Campbell

Senior Policy Manager

Alex is the Policy Lead for the Serious Violence Portfolio. She also supports PCCs to provide leadership on Police Transformation and Police Public Contact, including 101 and Single Online Home (SOH). She joined the APCC in October 2017 to support PCCs in delivering the Policing Vision 2025.  Prior to that, she worked in Brussels and in Kosovo.

Will Pryce

Policy Officer

Will joined the APCC in January 2018 and is our policy lead for the Local Policing and Partnerships Portfolio, which supports PCCs on matters relating to neighbourhood policing. Additionally, Will provides policy support for the International Policing and Strategic Policing Requirement portfolio, Roads Safety portfolio and Retail and Business Crime portfolio, and rural crime.

Will provides secretariat for the 19 members of the Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner Group.


Richard Denham

Policy Officer

Richard leads on the portfolio work of the Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Portfolio, as well as providing secretariat services to the Labour Police and Crime Commissioners’ Group.

Eddie Smithwick

Senior Policy Manager

Eddie is a Senior Policy Manager for our work with PCCs to prevent crime and develop local partnerships. This involves supporting PCCs to provide leadership on crime prevention, working with PCCs and national partners to improve bluelight collaboration and assisting PCCs in reducing ‘non-crime demands’ on police time while improving outcomes for vulnerable people around mental health, custody and substance misuse.

James Hughes

Senior Policy Manager

James joined the APCC in February 2017 to support Police and Crime Commissioners in helping provide oversight regarding the Business Enablers and Local Policing reform strands that contribute to delivering the Policing Vision 2025.  Currently James is supporting delivery of some of policing’s key business enabler programmes such as the National Enabling Programmes and BlueLight Commercial and he is the APCC representative operating within the Home Office led Hub which supports the Strategic Change and Investment Board for Policing.  Before joining the APCC James held various posts in Government over 30 years, the last as Deputy Director for International Climate Change Strategy, Engagement and Analysis at what was the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

Paul Dutton

Senior Policy Manager

Paul is Senior Policy Manager covering the Police Technology, Digital and ICT portfolio.

Andrew Tremayne

Senior Policy Manager

Andy is a Senior Policy Manager covering three portfolios: Citizens in Policing; Standards and Leadership; and Workforce.

Mark Darby

Senior Policy Manager

Mark joined is the Senior Policy Manager covering the CJS and Victims’ Portfolios.

Simon Efford

Senior Policy Manager

Simon’s role is to support Police and Crime Commissioners in relation to finance and resources issues. He has been involved in the evolution of the national Police Resources submission work and he is central to the current Joint Stakeholder approach to the programme.

Simon Talbot

Corporate and Governance Support Officer

Simon provides secretariat support for APCC Board Meetings and General Meetings, the NPCC Audit and Assurance Board, and the APCC Independent and Plaid Cymru Group. Prior to joining the APCC, Simon worked in local government developing projects creating safer communities in high crime areas and for a crime prevention charity undertaking local performance assessments for the Home Office.


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