Notable Practice and Knowledge Share

Welcome to the Association of Police Crime Commissioners Notable Practice and Knowledge Share webpage.

A good or notable practice is defined as anything that has been tried and shown to work in some way - whether fully or in part but with at least some evidence of effectiveness—and that may have implications for practice at any level elsewhere.

The Notable Practice platform consists of several elements, to assist and support Police Crime Commissioners (PCC), Police Fire & Crime Commissioners (PFCC), Deputy Mayors and Office of Police Crime Commissioners (OPCC) staff:

  • Notable Practice table
  • Submission Template
  • Links to the College of Policing ‘What Works’ site
  • Access to the Notable Practice Knowledge Hub group
  • Additional links to other knowledge sites

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Currently the notable practice table has 100 items and holds data regarding initiatives and collaborations the PCC’s support and fund within their area. In addition, we are interested in OPCC’s sharing specific ways of working within their office.

The APCC supports PCC’s in their national portfolio work. The Notable Practice data in the table can be filtered and sorted by these portfolio themes.

To share items of notable practice, members should use the submission template that can be accessed via the members notable practice home page.

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