APCC Leads for Addictions and Substance Misuse (Update 1)

Joy Allen and David Sidwick, APCC Joint Leads for Addictions and Substance Misuse, provide an update on their national portfolio.

David Sidwick, PCC for Dorset: "We'll be putting PCCs at the heart of the debate and we'll be driving forward three things:

1. Looking at road deaths and what more we can do to prevent them when drugs and alcohol are the cause. 

2. The night-time economy and what can we do with out licenced premises and other areas in order to keep people safe. 

3. And how we can cut the demand for drugs and promote awareness and education about the dangers of illegal gateway drugs."

Joy Allen, PCC for Durham: "We're at a really critical point with this portfolio - with the publication of the Beating Crime Plan and the Ten Year Drug Strategy. It's the optimal moment to get people into education, to treatment, to recovery and rehabilitation. To reduce crime, to reduce demand and reduce the harm to our society."