Showing videos relating to Summit 2022

Clive Myrie, Chair of APCC/NPCC Partnership Summit 2022

Clive Myrie, who chaired the two-day Summit tells us what he's looking forward to.

Marc Jones, APCC Chair

Introduction to the APCC/NPCC Partnership Summit 2022 from Marc Jones, APCC Chair.

Marc Jones, APCC Chair, opening speech

Marc Jones delivers his opening speech at APCC/NPCC Partnership Summit 2022.

Martin Hewitt, NPCC Chair

Introduction to APCC/NPCC Partnership Summit 2022 from Martin Hewitt, NPCC Chair.

Alison Hernandez, PCC for Devon & Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

Alison took part in a panel discussion on ways to increase charging rates, bolster confidence in alternatives to prosecution and improve outcomes for victims.

Alison Lowe, APCC Diversity Lead & Deputy Mayor for West Yorkshire

Alison was part of a breakout session discussing the 'Race Action Plan' on Day Two of the Summit.