Developing Police Capabilities & Tackling Serious Organised Crime

Never have we needed more to work with partners, both in and outside of policing, to join up services and to tackle the rise of serious and organised crime (SOC), which operates transnationally and internationally. The APCC works with PCCs to develop  new delivery and capability models for policing that can improve our response to these new and evolving forms of criminality – including mobilising the Forensics Capability Network (FCN) and contributing to the development of a new funding and delivery model for the National Police Air Service (NPAS).

Our priorities for developing police capabilities and tackling SOC are:

  • To play a full and active role in tackling SOC, helping to join up systems and services locally, regionally, and nationally and developing our ROCUs to ensure they are supported and equipped to deliver effectively on behalf of the public.
  • To provide leadership and governance to support the development of specialist capability networks to deliver more efficient and agile policing services to the public, including the Transforming Forensics


The APCC’s work on specialist capabilities and serious organised crime is developed through four policy portfolios:

SOC & Specialist Capabilities

Leading our work to tackle serious organised crime, including supporting the delivery of the SOC strategy and support for Regional Organised Crime Units (ROCUs).

Joint Lead: Donna Jones, PCC for Hampshire

Joint Lead: Baroness Hughes, Deputy Mayor, Greater Manchester

Fraud & Cyber-Crime

Leading our work to tackle online crime, harassment and fraud, hacking and economic crime and identity theft. 

Lead: Mark Shelford, PCC Avon and Somerset

Deputy Lead: James Thomson, City of London

Deputy Lead: Andy Dunbobbin, PCC North Wales


Leading our work on the Transforming Forensics programme including delivering a national Forensics Capability Network.

Lead: Darryl Preston, PCC Cambridgeshire


International & Strategic Policing

Leading our work on international and cross-border policing, working with the Independent Crime Co-ordination Centre.

Lead: Peter McCall, PCC Cumbria


Alex Campbell - Senior Policy Manager

Leads on Serious Organised Crime and Specialist Capabilities, Forensics and Cyber & Fraud and the Serious Violence Portfolio.


Will Pryce - Policy and Political Group Manager

Will leads on Local Policing, Business & Retail Crime and Road Safety. 

Will also provides secretariat for the Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner Group.


Latest News

NCA Director General set to prioritise fraud

Fraud Lead welcomes appointment of new NCA Director General.

Fraud offences rise significantly post pandemic

National Lead responds to latest crime statistics which show a significant rise in fraud offences.

Fraud a priority in all Police and Crime Plans

APCC Fraud Lead expresses vital role of PCCs in evidence session at House of Lords.

Resources and Publications

vrus-in-focus-final.pdf, 5.82Mb
tf-fcn-explainer-for-apcc-final.pdf, 0.30Mb

The Forensics Capability Network was launched in April 2020 to deliver a permanent network of forces and partners implementing and managing forensics services and solutions. 

tf-fcn-explainer-for-apcc-final.pptx, 1.48Mb

The Forensics Capability Network was launched in April 2020 to deliver a permanent network of forces and partners implementing and managing forensics services and solutions.


Donna Jones, APCC Joint Lead for Serious Organised Crime

An update on the APCC Serious Organised Crime portfolio from Donna Jones.

James Thomson, APCC Deputy Lead for Economic & Cyber Crime (including fraud)

James Thomson is the APCC Deputy Lead for Economic & Cyber Crime and Chair of the City of London Police Authority Board.

Mark Shelford, APCC Lead for Economic and Cyber Crime

Mark Shelford is the new APCC Lead for Economic and Cyber Crime (including Fraud) and PCC for Avon and Somerset.