Our Work

This page provides links to useful information on the wide range of national portfolio work the APCC supports Police and Crime Commissioners to deliver.

By clicking on each of the workstream buttons below you can find information relating to our policy work on areas such as police workforce, finances, criminal justice, and support for victims of crime and initiatives to prevent the most vulnerable from getting involved with crime.

The links provide access to APCC resources by topic, including press releases and statements, briefings and responses to national consultations. You can also find information on the PCCs who lead on each policy area, the APCC officers who provide specialist support, and their contact details.

Excellence in Policing

Developing the Workforce
  • Workforce
  • Equality, Diversity and Human Rights
  • Citizens in Policing
  • Police Standards and Leadership
Building Our Resources and Infrastructure
  • Finance (Funding Formula, Comprehensive Spending Review, and Grants)
  • Police Technology and Digital
  • Environment and Sustainability
Developing Police Capabilities & Tackling Serious Organised Crime
  • Serious Organised Crime and Specialist Capabilities
  • Economic and Cyber Crime (including Fraud)
  • Forensics
  • International and Strategic Policing
  • Counter Terrorism
Improving Public Accountability
  • Performance
  • Transparency and Accountability

Safer Communities

Improving Our Criminal Justice System; Supporting Victims & Giving them a Voice
  • Criminal Justice
  • Victims
Preventing Crime & Building Partnerships
  • Prevention
  • Local Policing
  • Business Crime
  • Road Safety
  • Emergency Service Collaboration (including PFCCs)
  • Mental Health and Custody
  • Addictions and Substance Misuse
Preventing Serious Violence
  • Serious Violence
  • Modern Slavery