Preventing Serious Violence

The APCC is supporting PCCs as they bring partners together to tackle the scourge of serious violence in our communities, including leading work in 18 areas across the country to create and deliver multi-agency Violence Reduction Units to identify and address the root causes of serious violence – for example, by prevention vulnerable young people from being recruited into gangs. 

Our priorities for preventing serious violence are:

  • To provide leadership and support to multi-agency partnerships to tackle serious violence, reducing violent crime and keeping vulnerable people safe
  • To continue to lead and support the development of Violence Reduction Units, drawing on the learning to support all PCCs to deliver VRU-style approaches in their local areas.



The APCC’s work on preventing serious violence is developed through our Serious Violence Portfolio leading our work to support Violence Reduction Units and to support the implementation of the national serious violence strategy.

Preventing Serious Violence

Leading our work to support PCCs in preventing serious violence.

Joint Lead: Simon Foster, PCC West Midlands

Joint Lead: Steve Turner, PCC Cleveland


Alex Campbell - Senior Policy Manager

Leads on Serious Organised Crime and Specialist Capabilities, Forensics and Cyber & Fraud and the Serious Violence Portfolio.



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Resources and Publications

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Steve Turner, APCC Joint Lead for Serious Violence

Steve Turner is the new APCC Joint Lead for Serious Violence and PCC for Cleveland.

Rupert Matthews, APCC Joint Lead for Modern Slavery

Rupert Matthews is the APCC Joint Lead for Modern Slavery & PCC for Leicestershire.

Home Office Violence Reduction Unit Workshop

18 PCCs successfully bid for Home Office funding to set up Violence Reduction Units. We hear from some of those working in these multi-agency partnerships.