Preventing Crime & Building Partnerships

The APCC supports PCCs to develop prevention initiatives that can reduce crime and the number of victims. The Association also supports PCCs in their work with local partners in areas relating to vulnerability such as social care, mental health, drug and alcohol addiction, homelessness, and police custody. Furthermore, the APCC has established portfolio activities relating to high volume and high harm areas of crime and policing including serious violence, anti-social behaviour, road safety and business and retail crime.

We also provide dedicated advice and support to PCCs who take on governance responsibilities for Fire and Rescue Services.

Our priorities for prevention and partnerships are to support PCCs to:

  • Lead prevention work locally, guided by a growing evidence base of what works and working with local partners to address community concerns.
  • Collaborate with partners to address vulnerability and support those with complex needs, including those with addiction and mental health concerns, and reducing the non-crime demands on policing.
  • To support PCC led collaboration with emergency services and to progress Commissioner’s role in Fire and Rescue Service governance.


Latest News

Response to open letter on retail crime

Business Crime Lead responds to open letter from the Association of Convenience Stores.

APCC responds to Home Affairs Select Committee on Drug Policy

APCC Addictions & Substance Misuse Leads respond to Home Affairs report.

Pursuing all reasonable lines of enquiry

APCC Chair responds to letter from the Home Secretary and Policing Minister.

Police to save 1 million officer hours with new mental health approach

Right Care Right Person adopted by forces and national partnership agreement launched.

Drug Strategy Annual Report published

Joint Leads for Addictions and Substance Misuse respond to drug strategy annual report.

Safer Streets funding

APCC Prevention Lead welcomes the fifth round of Safer Streets funding.

ASB Awareness Week - 'Know Your Rights'

APCC Local Policing Leads reinforce the collective responsibility we all have to tackle ASB in our communities as part of #ASBAwarenessWeek.

Alcohol Awareness Week – ‘Alcohol and Cost’

APCC Addiction and Substance Misuse Leads highlight the cost of alcohol-related crime to policing and communities.

All police forces now attending every home burglary

APCC Chair responds to NPCC announcement that all police forces are now attending every home burglary.


Festus Akinbusoye, APCC Prevention Lead & Bedfordshire PCC

Festus was part of a panel discussion at the APCC/NPCC Partnership Summit on Police culture, public confidence.

Festus Akinbusoye, APCC Lead for the Prevention portfolio

An update on the APCC Prevention Portfolio from Festus Akinbusoye

APCC Leads for Addictions and Substance Misuse (Update 2)

A further portfolio update from the APCC leads on Addictions & Substance Misuse.


The APCC’s work on preventing crime and building partnerships is developed through eight policy portfolios:


Leading our work to develop and implement evidence-based approaches to crime prevention and share good practice.

Lead: Festus Akinbusoye, PCC Bedfordshire

Deputy: Kim McGuinness, PCC Northumbria

Local Policing

Leading our work on neighbourhood and community policing, including anti-social behaviour.

Joint Lead: Steve Turner, PCC Cleveland 

Joint Lead: Jeff Cuthbert, PCC Gwent


Business & Retail Crime

Leading our work to tackle crime against the business and retail community.

Lead: Katy Bourne, Sussex PCC

Deputy: Tim Passmore, PCC Suffolk

Mental Health & Custody

Leading our work on mental health, custody issues and suicide prevention.

Joint Lead: Lisa Townsend, PCC Surrey

Joint Lead: Emily Spurrell, PCC Merseyside

Substance Misuse

Leading our work on addictions and substance misuse.

Joint Lead: Joy Allen, PCC Durham

Joint Lead: David Sidwick, PCC Dorset

Roads Safety & Roads Policing

Leading our work on road safety, including victims of road traffic accidents.

Lead:  Lisa Townsend, PCC Surrey

Deputy: John Campion, PCC West Mercia

Deputy: Joy Allen, PCC Durham

Emergency Service Collaboration

Leading our work with Police, Fire and Crime Commissioners and emergency service collaboration.

Lead: Stephen Mold, PFCC Northamptonshire

Deputy: Joy Allen, PCC Durham

Resources and Publications

a-guide-to-taking-a-public-health-approach-for-police-crime-commissioners-and-their-offices.pdf, 3.01Mb
custody-detention-scrutiny-panels-guidance_040423.pdf, 0.24Mb

A joint guide developed by the NPCC and the APCC, with input from Ministry of Justice, Independent Custody Visiting Association and Home Office.

apcc-road-safety-and-enforcement-survey-september-2020-results-pdf-f.pdf, 0.22Mb
alcohol-and-drugs-in-focus-v10-final.pdf, 2.41Mb
pccs-making-a-difference-prevention-in-focus.pdf, 2.25Mb
apcc-response-to-hmicfrs-custody-expectations-consultation-310122.pdf, 0.16Mb
board-purpose-paper.pdf, 0.24Mb

The APCC has formed links with the Sport and Youth Crime Prevention Board to use the power of sport to prevent vulnerable young people from offending or re-offending. The background and purpose to the Board is outlined here.

Chair: Hardyal Dhindsa, PCC Derbyshire


apcc-briefing-phase-1-mh-c19-final.pdf, 0.24Mb
use-of-mobile-phones-whilst-driving-apcc-letter-to-minister-june-2020.pdf, 0.16Mb


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Will Pryce - Policy Manager



Alex Campbell - Senior Policy Manager