Reducing violence against women and girls

Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) is a priority for every Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) in the country. Every woman and girl has the right to feel safe and it is PCCs shared responsibility as both citizens and community leaders to fight for a world in which they can live their lives freely and without fear. PCCs recognise that a whole system approach is needed, they have been instrumental in delivering change, lobbying for tougher management for the most dangerous abusers and new protections for victims.

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Through a PCC-funded initiative, this women's led charity aims to end sexual violence against women in prostitution. Hear from Nikolle, a Senior Women's Support Worker who offers specialist support for women, including late night and day time outreach, counselling and practical care packages.

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Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) ensure victims are placed at the heart of decision-making through ensuring their voices are heard and advocating for their rights. They know that victims must be heard and must have a voice in shaping the services they can provide for them. Securing multi-year funding for victims' services means PCCs can develop longer-term, sustainable approaches to support services, including new innovations.