APCC Joint Victims’ Leads support ‘No More Week’ to End Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence


No More Week 2024 is a global campaign, running from March 3 to 9, that urges society to take collective responsibility for ending domestic violence and sexual violence.  The week-long campaign encourages communities, individuals and businesses to speak out and contribute to a safer future.

APCC Joint Victims’ Lead Caroline Henry (PCC for Nottinghamshire) and Sophie Linden (Deputy Mayor of Policing and Crime in London), said: “PCCs are committed to delivering effective and long-lasting solutions to protect and support victims and survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence.  This is not an issue that the police alone can eradicate.  Society must play its part by challenging the attitudes and behaviour that underpin such violence as this campaign highlights.

“We all deserve to feel safe. Anyone who has been impacted by crimes of abuse and sexual violence should feel confident in reporting these experiences to the police.  They should also have faith that they will be heard and believed. We must continue to create safe environments for people to report at the earliest opportunity before violence and abuse escalates.

“Prevention is a key priority for every PCC.  Raising awareness of the warning signs of domestic abuse and coercive control, as well as other VAWG offences such as stalking and revenge pornography, will reduce future victimisation and may encourage victims to seek help.

“As local commissioners of support services for victims, PCCs are already working hard to provide victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence with the services they need to cope and recover from their experiences.  There is always room for innovation, and we hope that the Government maintains its commitment to providing the necessary funding to maintain the momentum in tackling this critical issue.  These crimes leave a serious and life-changing impact on their victims.  We would always urge individuals affected by abuse or sexual violence to seek support to protect themselves and their families from future harm, whether they intend to report the crime to the police or not.”



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