First VAWG Threat Assessment published


Police Chiefs have today, Thursday 18 May, issued the first ever national threat assessment of crimes posing the most danger to women and girls. 

The assessment outlines the greatest threats to women and girls and is a key step in the police response to tackle the epidemic. 

In response, APCC Joint Victims’ Leads Donna Jones and Sophie Linden, said: “We welcome the publication of the first ever strategic threat and risk assessment for Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG). The assessment will enable police and partners to understand the key risks and harms and better protect women and girls in our communities. The four significant threats identified do not come as a surprise, however, the evidence base that this assessment has created will support policing to develop critical responses.

“Police and Crime Commissioners are forging ahead in bringing partners together to tackle VAWG locally and nationally and we will continue to hold forces to account for their response and ensure officers are equipped and trained to identify and robustly tackle these crimes.

“VAWG is now a requirement under the Strategic Policing Requirement (SPR). We would like to see more parity with funding and prioritisation across government with the other requirements in the SPR. Only collectively can we end this epidemic and make our communities a safer place for all women and girls.”

You can read the summary document here. 


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