PCCs support national spiking campaign


APCC Joint Addictions and Substance Misuse Leads are supporting a national campaign to raise awareness and warn students of the dangers of spiking.

The campaign, launched by the Alcohol Education Trust, has been designed and informed by students to promote safer nights out for university students. It will be featured at over 80 universities this September.

Supporting the campaign, APCC Joint Addictions and Substance Misuse Leads and Police and Crime Commissioners, David Sidwick and Joy Allen said: “Spiking is a despicable and incredibly dangerous act which can have devastating consequences for victims.

“Perpetrators are always the ones responsible for these crimes, however, in the lead up to Freshers week we would like to remind students of the dangers of spiking and encourage them to be extra vigilant when enjoying the university night life. Simple steps like watching your drink being poured, covering your drink, ensuring you don’t leave your drink unattended and not accepting drinks from strangers are all vital in preventing opportunist offenders and protecting yourself.

“As Police and Crime Commissioners we are working with national partners and stakeholders including the Alcohol Education Trust to tackle spiking, identifying offenders and provide support to victims.

“Earlier this year a Home Affairs Inquiry into spiking proposed several recommendations to bring improvements to the way spiking incidents are reported and investigated, one of which was to make spiking a separate offence, something which we wholeheartedly support. This would send a clear message to perpetrators that spiking is not acceptable and encourage victims to come forward and report incidents to police.

“For those who do fall victim to spiking, it is vital they report it to the police as soon as possible.  Victims should never feel ashamed or that it is their fault, and it is vital the police are aware so that perpetrators can be identified and brought to justice, and we can prevent others from falling victim to this heinous crime.”

For more information on the campaign and how to support please visit the Alcohol Education Trust website or follow #endspiking.


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