PCCs warn of dangers of Nitrous Oxide


APCC Joint Addictions and Substance Misuse Leads are warning the public of the dangers of nitrous oxide misuse. 

The Association of Police and Crime Commissioners Joint Addictions and Substance Misuse Leads and Police and Crime Commissioners David Sidwick and Joy Allen, said “Nitrous Oxide misuse is a real issue in our communities and is understandably a concern amongst the public.

“The new trends in usage we are hearing about now are really worrying and suggest we are failing to get to grips with nitrous oxide misuse. We must send a clear message that nitrous oxide is not just ‘harmless fun’. We know it can cause long-term health problems such as nerve damage and paralysis and can also be a ‘gateway’ drug to more serious issues.

“We called for a mature discussion to be had on this issue and last year welcomed the Home Secretary’s letter which invited the ACMD to review the harm caused by nitrous oxide.

“It is vital that this review is completed as a matter of urgency and recommendations are put forward so that we can protect the most vulnerable people in our communities.”


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