Police Funding Settlement


The Provisional Police Grant Report sets out the aggregate amount of grants for the police in England and Wales for 2023 to 2024. It includes the grant amount for each local policing body.

APCC Finance Lead Roger Hirst said: “We welcome the provisional police grant announcement made by the Government and acknowledge the support being given to police at this challenging time. This does however fall well below inflation which leaves us at Police and Crime Commissioners with difficult decisions to make on behalf of our communities and puts further pressure on already stretched resources.  

“We recognise the impact inflation is having on everyone in the public sector and will continue to work closely with our national partners ahead of our upcoming submission to the Police Remuneration Body.

“We also welcome the precept flexibility announced earlier this week. Whilst we recognise how difficult it is for taxpayers at the moment this flexibility will enable us to invest and improve local police services on behalf of the public and reduce crime, something which the overwhelming majority of the public have been very supportive of.”

Statement from Chris Philp, the Minister of State for Crime, Policing and Fire.


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