Reforms for police leadership welcomed


The College of Policing have today published new national leadership standards to support professional development across policing. 

The new standards set out the knowledge and understanding, skills and behaviours that officers, staff and volunteers should meet to be effective leaders, whatever their rank or role. 

In response, APCC Chair Marc Jones, said: “These new national standards set a clear benchmark for leadership performance in policing and seek to ensure consistency and quality of leadership across all levels which we wholeheartedly welcome. This is a pivotal time of change for policing and these reforms will equip leaders with the ability to respond robustly to the challenges facing policing and improve public confidence.

“With the Police Uplift Programme seeing a significant increase in young-in-service police officers, the role of first in line supervisors has never been more important. Ensuring supervisors are equipped to support and lead this new generation of officers is vital in tackling systemic issues and in transforming the workplace culture in policing.

“We also welcome the potential for the new leadership development programme to increase the flow of talent into the chief officer ranks which we hope will raise standards and lead continuous improvement in productivity and performance.

“We look forward to working with the College of Policing and our national partners to ensure the effective implementation of these standards and will be monitoring the impact of these over the coming months.”

You can read the new national standards here


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