Response to police pay announcement


APCC Chair, Marc Jones said: “Police officers work tirelessly to protect the public and Police and Crime Commissioners are pleased that today’s pay award rightly recognises some of the challenges they are facing because of increases to the cost of living. We are also pleased that the government has accepted the independent Police Remuneration Review Body’s (PRRB) recommendations.

“In terms of affordability, we welcome the fact that the Home Office have reacted to our concerns about funding the settlement and have agreed to fund half of the additional increase. This goes beyond what was already anticipated from the spending review last autumn for the current year and represents closer to 60 per cent of funding in years two and three of the current spending review period.

“Police and Crime Commissioners will continue to work with police chiefs and the Home Office to ensure that policing is resourced appropriately now and in the years ahead.”


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