Sterner sanctions introduced in updated misconduct guidance


The Association of Police and Crime Commissioners Transparency and Accountability Lead and Police and Crime Commissioner Giles Orpen-Smellie, said: “We welcome the updated guidance for police misconduct proceedings published by the College of Policing today.

“It is our priority as Police and Crime Commissioners to ensure that the public has the upmost trust in the police service, and we are committed to ensuring chief constables and all involved in the misconduct process are robustly tackling misconduct within police forces.

“The guidance spells out that any misconduct relating to violence against women and girls on or off duty is treated as unacceptable, and it is only right that this guidance stresses a high degree of culpability for officers and that the outcome of proceedings should be severe. This should also be the case for any other offences committed which compromise the public’s confidence in the police service.

“As Police and Crime Commissioners we will continue to hold chief constables to account to ensure that the wider impact of any misconduct proceeding is of high consideration when considering any misconduct outcome.  

“Ensuring public confidence is imperative and it is vital that this guidance is fully utilised to ensure that anyone who, by their behaviour, compromises the reputation of the police, is dealt with firmly and fairly.”


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