VAWG Leads respond to first data on police performance


APCC Joint Leads for Victims and Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG), Donna Jones and Sophie Linden said:

“Policing leaders must take every possible step to root out those in their workforce who do not uphold the high standard expected of them. It is only then that they can seriously and robustly tackle violence against women and girls in the wider community.

“The publication of this report is an important step in ensuring complete transparency and accountability in the police's performance in tackling violence against women and girls.

“Whilst the statistics will be alarming, it is vital these are made available and that progress against the framework is strictly monitored if we are to get a grip on this epidemic and build back trust and confidence with the public and victims of these heinous crimes.

“As PCCs and Deputy Mayors, we are committed to preventing and tackling violence against women and girls and we will continue the vital work we do, alongside partners, in supporting victims, and holding Chief Constables to account.

“As the national body for policing governance we are committed to delivering on our own VAWG action plan which sets out the role and commitment of PCCs and Deputy Mayors in tackling this epidemic.

“We will be closely monitoring this data and will be working with our national partners and chief constables to ensure every action is taken to root out violent perpetrators from within the police service.”


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