New CrimeStoppers anti-corruption and abuse reporting service

Police forces and Police and Crime Commissioners have jointly launched a new national Anti-Corruption and Abuse Reporting Service, run by the independent charity CrimeStoppers.  

The Police Anti-Corruption and Abuse Reporting Service gives the public an anonymous route to report information about a police officer, member of staff or volunteer, who they believe are corrupt or committing serious abuse.  

When people contact the service, they can choose to remain 100% anonymous, or can opt to leave their details if they are willing for the force investigation team to contact them directly.    

APCC Chair, Donna Jones said: "This service provides an opportunity for the public to report their concerns about individuals, and for policing to root out more of those not fit to serve and who impugn the characters of the overwhelming majority of officers committed to protecting us.

“Police and Crime Commissioners have a legal duty to ensure an effective police service in their police force area; this includes ensuring the highest levels of integrity are maintained."

Policing Minister Chris Philp said: “Public confidence in our police has been severely damaged. There can be no stone left unturned in our efforts to clean up the workforce and culture, and rebuild trust. 

“This anonymous helpline will give people the confidence to challenge the behaviour of officers who fall below the high standards the public deserve."

Chief Constable Gavin Stephens, Chair of the NPCC said: “This reporting service will enable us to take action by giving the public a new, anonymous and confidential route to report corruption, criminality, or abusive behaviour within policing.

“We do not underestimate the impact recent events have had on trust and confidence in policing, including the appalling findings of the Angiolini report."

Read the full press release on the APCC news page 

What to report: 

Contact the service by calling 0800 085 0000 or via CrimeStoppers' website to provide information you have about a serving police officer, staff member or volunteer in the UK, who:  

  • Provides information or influence in return for money or favours.
  • Uses their policing position for personal advantage - whether financial or otherwise.
  • Crosses professional boundaries for sexual purposes.
  • Abuses or controls their partner, or those they have a relationship with.
  • Engages in racist, homophobic or misogynistic conduct, on or off duty, in person or online.

The service is only for allegations of corruption or serious abuse. 

What to report elsewhere: 

  • If you, or someone else, is in immediate danger or a crime is in progress, call 999. Otherwise, call 101.
  • If you have information about a crime, you can report it via your police force’s website
  • You can complain about the service you have received from your voice via your police force’s website.