Tim Passmore, APCC Joint Lead for Environment & Sustainability

Tim Passmore is one of the leads on the APCC's Environment and Sustainability portfolio. He is also the PCC for Suffolk.

In this short video Tim provides an update on the progress of his national portfolio.

"This is a brand new portfolio because we're all really concerned about the future of our planet and for the better use of scarce natural resources.

"I believe the secret of success here is innovation. I don't think it's just about electrification. We need to harness hydrogen technology and no doubt other innovative capabilities, for example, better use of water resources looking at our estate how can we make sure that we're doing the maximum possible to reduce wastage as well. There's a new toolkit to help individual force areas monitor what they're doing. Looking at carbon footprint regarding procurement, it's absolutely pointless importing stuff from thousands of miles away and putting up your carbon footprint."