APCC 'Victims In Focus' report


The APCC’s ‘Victims In Focus’ report highlights the innovative work that Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) have implemented to develop practices which support victims, demonstrating their commitment and collaborative approach to tackling some of the most harmful and traumatic crimes.

APCC Victims Leads, Donna Jones and Sophie Linden said: 

"Victims’ advocacy is at the heart of everything Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) do. By commissioning essential services, they are supporting victims in their journey to recovery. They work hand in hand with partner organisations and stakeholders to deliver these services and understand how to put victims needs at the centre of the criminal justice system. They also have an integral role in listening to victims’ voices and advocating for them both locally and nationally, including through the delivery of local Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) action plans."

Read the Victims In Focus report to find out how PCCs are advocating for victims; developing innovative services for victims; and using multi-year funding to fund quality services for victims.


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