Road Safety Lead responds to E-Scooter report


APCC Road Safety Lead Katy Bourne has responded to the National Evaluation of E-scooters report released by Transport for London on 15 December. 

Road Safety Lead and Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne said: “The ‘Evaluation of E-Scooters’ report published by the Department for Transport echoes what residents frequently are telling me – that E-Scooters continue to cause dangerous collisions and there are concerns about their audibility and visibility on our roads.

“The issue of E-scooters being used on the pavement understandably causes disquiet, in particular to pedestrians with mobility issues or those who are blind or partially sighted.

“Whilst we absolutely must champion more sustainable and affordable methods of transport, it is evident that we are still seeing far too many irresponsible users of E-scooters.

“If E-scooters were to become an acceptable legal vehicle, it is clear that we will need to rethink our roads and urban infrastructure and for users to have a greater understanding of their personal responsibility. I will continue to monitor the situation closely."


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