APCC Leads for Addictions and Substance Misuse (Update 2)

Joy Allen and David Sidwick lead on the APCC's Addictions and Substance Misuse portfolio.

Joy is the PCC for Durham. David is PCC for Dorset. 

Joy Allen: "The biggest success for our portfolio is getting addictions and substance misuse front and centre - in front of PCCs and the Government in relation to reducing crime. We've got a real opportunity to get on top of drugs and make a massive difference in the coming years." 

David Sidwick: "It's an exciting time for the Addictions and Substance Misuse portfolio. We have three biggies coming up: The first is a White Paper from the Government, part of their From Harm to Hope strategy; We've also got a long-awaited White Paper which is looking at reforming gambling law; And the third one is Alcohol Awareness Week in July, were we will be particularly making a point about the responsibilities of licensees."